Gather your colleagues, turn on your computer and take advantage of CBIE’s innovative and practical sessions.

Why attend a CBIE webinar?
  • CBIE webinars cover the hottest topics, emerging trends and latest research in the field of international education. They allow participants to access cost effective training to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive.
  • CBIE webinars feature internationalization experts, timely topics and case studies.
  • Every webinar you purchase is recorded and can be viewed by your entire team.

Upcoming Webinars

Webinar Policy

CBIE webinars are open to all professionals interested in deepening their knowledge in internationalization. If you have questions about your registration, send an email to

Following the live session, all webinar registrants receive a recording of the webinar, as well as a pdf copy of the presentation, if used.

CBIE will assist you if you have technology problems connecting to the webinar and we encourage you to test the software on the computer you plan to use prior to the webinar. Though CBIE will do its best to identify the source of the problem, CBIE is not responsible if technology problems prevents you from attending the live session.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do CBIE webinars work?

Step 1: Check that you have the necessary technical equipment (see below).

Step 2: Register and pay the fee by completing the Registration Page and CBIE Webinar Payment Form. You will receive a confirmation email with details on accessing the webinar.

Step 3: At the time of the webinar, access the webinar by clicking on the unique link contained in your confirmation email sent to you after registering for the webinar.

Please note: The webinar details sent to you are unique to your registration. You are welcome to gather your colleagues to participate in the webinar at one device, but the link to access the webinar will not work if forwarded.

What does it cost?
  • $110 CDN per webinar for CBIE member representatives. Check if your institution is a member.
  • $155 CDN per webinar for those from non-member institutions.

No refunds are issued. A participant who is unable to attend a webinar will be offered a credit towards a future webinar (taking place within 1 year of the date of the original webinar).

What are the technology requirements and can I test my system ahead of time?

Participating in a CBIE webinar requires a device with an internet connection, and speakers or a headset. CBIE uses GoToWebinar. To avoid technical problems, please open the session a few minutes prior to the start of the webinar. If your device requires a plug-in to view the webinar, you will be prompted and this can be downloaded quickly.

Check your system compatibility here.

View the GoToWebinar system requirements here.

How do I ask questions during the webinar?

We encourage all webinar participants to raise questions and make comments during the webinar session. The chair of the webinar will notify participants at the beginning of the webinar of the presenter’s preference for taking questions and comments. Please respect that some presenters may wish that participants hold their questions until the end of the presentation.

Questions and comments should be raised by typing into the webinar questions box. If you wish to raise your question or comment orally, you will need to ask for your audio to be activated by typing this request into the question box (this option is not available for all webinars).

Will participants receive a copy of the presentation?

Yes. All registered participants will receive a copy of the webinar recording and a pdf copy of the presentation, if used.

Can I purchase a recording of a past webinar?

Yes. Please email: to purchase a recorded webinar.

Can more than one person attend the webinar using the same registration link?

Yes. You are welcome to have as many participants at your institution attend the webinar as you would like. You will simply need to arrange for all participants to meet in one location to view and listen to the webinar from one device.

Please do not share your login details with others.

Each registrant will have a unique URL. It is important to save your webinar connection details. Multiple attempts to connect to a webinar using the same login details will void the login link for the registrant, and you will therefore no longer be able to access the webinar.