International Collaboration Missions

Our International Collaboration Missions forge deep connections between CBIE’s membership and a variety of international partners across a country or region.

“The CBIE … mission brought together a great mix of people from across the country who all shared a similar passion for teaching and learning, and showed them all the power of working together for the common Canadian good.”- Director, Saint Mary's University
“CBIE serves to create a space for meaningful international relationships to happen helping to establish a scholarly “bridge” between institutions, countries and cultures.”- Vice-President Research, University of Lethbridge
“The CBIE mission … was an outstanding way to meet some 50 major universities in six days and establish close relationships with a number of them. The human side of international work is most valuable”.- Acting Director, Centre for Ukrainian Studies, University of Manitoba
“We have committed to strengthening the diversity of our campus communities. These partnerships could be an excellent way to help enhance the cross-cultural competencies of our students, faculty and staff… `{`and`}` form part of an ongoing effort to expand international research, academic programming, staff and student mobility …”- Vice-Provost (International), University of Calgary
“CBIE missions provide an excellent opportunity for universities to connect with international schools, as well as create closer ties with other participating Canadian universities.”- Dean of Business, University of Regina
Our Experience

CBIE has brought together multiple Canadian colleges and universities to participate in international missions aimed at increasing academic partnerships with institutions worldwide.

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General Mission Information

Planned in consultation with CBIE members, missions are multi-faceted and represent a holistic approach to education partnership development.

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Institutional Benefits

Gain in-depth expertise, foster peer connections, showcase the Canadian education sector and enhance internationalization efforts.

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