CBIE plays a vital role in international education and development. We strive to provide our members and partners with the support required to mobilize and build their expertise, knowledge, opportunity and leadership.

Opportunities at CBIE

All positions at CBIE require individuals with post-secondary education, strong communication and interpersonal skills, and with an orientation to providing excellent client service.

CBIE employees value working in a multicultural environment and are committed to helping people of all nationalities to develop through the benefits of cross-border education. CBIE is a dynamic and diverse workplace providing opportunities for those with a passion for international education. CBIE is committed to supporting its employees by providing a work environment and benefits package that encourages and promotes work-life balance.

Opportunities within CBIE’s Membership

If you are a CBIE member and have a job opportunity you would like to advertise in this section, please send us an email including a link to the job posting, job title, and closing date.

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