Group mentoring: A way to support racialized international students on campus

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As International Educators, we are witnessing a significant increase in the number of international students attending post-secondary institutions in Canada. Through the experiences of female Nigerian International Students, this webinar will explore the unique experiences of racialized international students and how their intersecting identities shape their international student experience. This webinar will also discuss the importance of providing gendered and/or cultural specific programming to support these needs.

In 2016, The Tri-Mentoring Program and International Student Support in Ryerson University collaborated to facilitate group mentoring. Attendees of this webinar will have an opportunity to hear about the process of launching group mentoring, and recommendations for introducing group mentoring at your institutions as a strategy to support equity seeking groups.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding the importance of meeting the diverse needs of international students
  • Describe a process for implementing a group mentoring program
  • Outline a potential process for implementing a group mentoring program at participant’s institutions

About the Presenters

Tharsy Selvanantham, is an International Student Advisor at International Student Support. She provides transition and immigration support to ensure a welcoming and supportive environment for Ryerson’s international students.Tharsy is a proud Ryerson alum second generation immigration and first-generation student. Tharsy is pursuing her life coach certification, and currently in the Masters of Education at OISE. She was a former Associate Member of the International Network of Tomorrow’s Leaders (INTL) in the Mentorship Portfolio. Tharsy thrives in creating space to include others so that people know they belong to a community.

Mofi Badmos, International Student Experience Associate, Queens University: Mofi Badmos is an International Student Experience Associate at Queen’s University’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Mofi has been involved in international education for the past 5 years, both in the capacity as a student leader and a professional staff. As a former international student herself, Mofi has been and is very passionate about transition support and programming for international students and newcomers. As an International Student Experience Associate, Mofi is committed to supporting the transition needs of Engineering International Students at Queen’s – through delivering academic and non-academic advice, delivering culturally and academic relevant programming, and advocating on the students’ behalf.

Allysa Martinez, Mentoring Facilitator, Tri-Mentoring Program, Ryerson University: Allysa Martinez is a Mentoring Facilitator at the Tri-Mentoring Program in Ryerson University. In her role, she provides transition support through various mentoring opportunities as students navigate in, through, and out of university. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Arts in Child and Youth Care at Ryerson. Allysa is interested in learning how to better support students from racialized backgrounds in post-secondary education and is passionate about incorporating the student voice in all aspects of her work.