IAEA Fellowship Program

About the Fellowship

CBIE administers the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)-A United Nations Agency-Fellowship and Scientific Visit Program in Canada. Since 1987 this program has welcomed more than 1000 fellows to Canada from developing countries to study and train in fields relevant to the development priorities of their home countries.

How it works

IAEA implements their fellowships and scientific visits in Canada through CBIE, which works with nominated host institutions to ensure programming and costs are within recommended IAEA guidelines.



CBIE disburses allowances and payment of tuition or training fees, providing fellows and scientific visitors with visa support documents and offers immediate emergency response services.

Fellows and scientific visitors from developing IAEA member states who have been awarded training in Canada by IAEA are welcomed into Canadian institutions.




The fellows and scientific visitors train in fields to build, strengthen and maintain capacities in the safe, peaceful and secure use of nuclear technology. This capacity building supports sustainable socioeconomic development according to development priorities of the participants’ home countries. Upon return, the visitors and trainees contribute to achieving those priorities through application and ongoing capacity building.

For more information, visit IAEA Fellowships