CBIE is the national voice advancing Canadian international education by creating and mobilizing expertise, knowledge, opportunity and leadership.


CBIE is a global leader in international education, dedicated to equity, quality, inclusiveness and partnership.


  • Global-mindedness: connecting effectively with diverse cultures, communities and ideas
  • Sustainable Practice: pursuing a balanced, comprehensive approach to international education over the long term
  • Innovative Action: finding creative responses to needs and interests
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: actively seeking out opportunities and applying sound business principles
  • Informed Advocacy: reaching out to raise awareness of and foster external stakeholders’ support for international education
Operational Principles
  • Engagement: Proactively seeking the involvement of member institutions in activities
  • Transparency: Communicating effectively with member institutions, particularly with respect to relevant opportunities
  • Effectiveness: Adding value to the mission through every activity and maximizing human and financial resources toward this end
  • Entrepreneurialism: Being creative and nimble
  • Cooperation: Striving to work alongside member institutions and partners

Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) is committed to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Indigeneity, Anti-Racism, and Intersectionality. As a global leader in international education, we acknowledge it is our responsibility to actively pursue learning, programs, activities, policies and advocacy to promote justice and advance these values. International education has a profound impact on the world. We must ensure this impact is inclusive, positive and sustainable. Our commitment is part of an ongoing learning process. By engaging with all our community members, we are implementing a practical, iterative framework to build an inclusive CBIE.