CBIE is the national voice advancing Canadian international education by creating and mobilizing expertise, knowledge, opportunity and leadership.


CBIE is a global leader in international education, dedicated to equity, quality, inclusiveness and partnership.


  • Global-mindedness: connecting effectively with diverse cultures, communities and ideas
  • Sustainable Practice: pursuing a balanced, comprehensive approach to international education over the long term
  • Innovative Action: finding creative responses to needs and interests
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: actively seeking out opportunities and applying sound business principles
  • Informed Advocacy: reaching out to raise awareness of and foster external stakeholders’ support for international education
Operational Principles
  • Engagement: Proactively seeking the involvement of member institutions in activities
  • Transparency: Communicating effectively with member institutions, particularly with respect to relevant opportunities
  • Effectiveness: Adding value to the mission through every activity and maximizing human and financial resources toward this end
  • Entrepreneurialism: Being creative and nimble
  • Cooperation: Striving to work alongside member institutions and partners