International Capacity-Building

CBIE has extensive experience and expertise in the design, delivery, implementation and evaluation of technical training and capacity building programs across a range of sectors, including governance, civil society development, educational reform, and teaching for employment.

Over the past 45 years, CBIE has advised international ministries at the policy and planning level, developed programs were school leaders and teachers are the focus of change, provided systematic, long-term support for modernization or reform agendas and built capacity of  civil society organizations.

CBIE leverages our vast membership, representing the full spectrum of Canadian education, to provide these services. We also maintain a cadre of over 400 sector specialists, and long-standing partnerships with Canadian federal, provincial and municipal governments, Canadian NGOs, think tanks, current & retired civil servants, academia, faculties of public administration and various professional associations.


Our Experience

  • Tajikistan University of Central Asia’s School Of Professional And Continuing Education Impact Evaluation
  • United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi School Leadership Assessment and Capacity Review Project
  • Nigeria – Needs Assessment for the Curriculum Development of the Skills Acquisition Training Centre
  • Kuwait – In-Service Teacher and Principal Training Program
  • Egypt – Canadian International School of Egypt (CISE)
  • Ukraine – Development and Capacity Building of Novopecherska School
  • The Dominican Republic – Internationalization Study & Implementation Plan for Colegio CEMEP


Having worked with countless donors and international organizations, I appreciate the value-added that CBIE brings to partnerships – not imposing foreign-driven solutions, but rather strengthening internal capacity so as to address challenges ourselves.- Ihor Shumylo, former Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine
CBIE worked to responsively address key political, social and economic issues, modernizing our public administration and meaningfully impacting the daily lives of Georgian Citizens.- Temuri Yakobashvili, former Deputy Prime Minister, former Ambassador of Georgia to the United States (Washington), and Co-Founder and Chair of the Board of Directors of the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies