2023 International Student Survey

Informed Consent Information

Survey Overview

Thank you for agreeing to complete the 2023 International Student Survey. The survey findings provide unique and holistic insights into the international student experience at Canada’s post-secondary institutions, from pre-arrival planning through study and post-graduate phases. The survey increasingly supports the international education sector’s capacity to drive informed, innovative practices through an increased understanding of the stories, motivations, and perceptions of the international students who choose to study in Canada. The full terms of reference regarding this national surveying initiative are available on our website.


Survey Respondents

The survey is designed to study international students’ experiences in Canada. Therefore, only students enrolled in post-secondary institutions studying for their full degree/diploma in Canada are invited to complete the survey. This includes international students studying in Canada with a student study permit, visitor’s visa, or undertaking research on a work permit. International exchange students are not meant to be included in this survey sample.


Completing the survey

The survey will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Respondents can save their progress (option located in the top-right corner of your screen) and exit/return at any time until the survey closing date (November 30, 2023). Incomplete questionnaires will be deleted and will not be eligible for the draw.


Survey Draw and Prizes

At the end of the survey, respondents have the option to participate in a draw to win $1,000. Three winners will be selected and contacted by CBIE in December 2023. Winners must claim their prize within 14 days of the email notification and validate their identity. Names will not be associated with any of the data provided in the questionnaire. Respondents must provide a valid email and check their inbox (and spam/junk mail) regularly between December 4 and 22, 2023 for an email from research-recherche@cbie.ca. Direct deposit information will be required to transfer the $1,000 prize.


Data and Confidentiality

The data of respondents will remain strictly confidential. CBIE will only contact respondents if their email is randomly selected in the draw. The institutional representative will be copied on the message to validate the legitimacy of CBIE’s communication and to ensure the email is not treated as spam/junk mail.

CBIE will retain the anonymized data for 25 years and utilize it to produce longitudinal studies. CBIE uses the professional Alchemer business account to collect participant data. Alchemer complies with Canadian privacy (all data resides on Canadian servers) and accessibility standards (W3C).


Withdrawing from the survey:

You may withdraw from the survey at any time by closing your browser. You can also request the removal of your data before November 30, 2023, by sending your request to research-recherche@cbie.ca.


Mental Health Support Services:
You will be asked a number of questions regarding your experience as an international student on campus and in the extended community. If, at any point during the survey, you experience any discomfort, know that resources are available from the Canadian Mental Health Association or from the mental health services offered at your institution.


Ethics Approval:

This project has been reviewed and approved by the Community Research Ethics Board. If you feel you have not been treated according to the descriptions in our information, or your rights as a participant in research have been violated during the course of this project, you may contact the Chair, Community Research Ethics Board, at Community Research Ethics Office (Canada) Corp. c/o Centre for Community Based Research, 190 Westmount Road North, Waterloo ON N2L 3G5, Email: creo@communitybasedresearch.ca, Telephone: 1-888-411-2736