Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of participation in the 2023 International Student Survey is included in the annual CBIE membership fee. Institutions that are not members of CBIE are also welcome to participate in the survey. The fee to participate in the survey for non-members is $5,500. Learn how to become a CBIE member.

No, this year we will be providing institutions with a standardized survey tool.

If your institution has participated in the survey in the past you are able to access the data from that year. Contact us to learn more.

Institutions should start their ethics review process as soon as possible to ensure the survey can be launched at the beginning of October 2023.

The survey is meant for international students studying for their full degree/diploma program in Canada. International students include all students who are studying in Canada with a student study permit, visitor’s visa or undertaking research on a work permit. International exchange students are not meant to be included in this sample.

We have worked with institutions to include identifying information (student numbers, names, email addresses) for their own student sample. This information is never shared with other institutions, nor beyond the research team at CBIE.