The cost of participation in the 2021 International Student is included in the annual CBIE membership fee. Institutions that are non-members of CBIE are also welcome to participate in the survey. CBIE will contact non-members directly to discuss participation and the associated fees. Learn more about how to become a CBIE member.

Institutions that are ready to take part in the survey will need to submit the 2021 ISS Participation Agreement, which clearly stipulates the expectations, deliverables, and conditions of participating in the national survey.

CBIE will request the contact details of the main collaborator at your institution, who will be in charge of communicating with CBIE. This person will be responsible for ensuring that the appropriate internal review process is followed at their institution, ensuring that the survey can be delivered to their respective international student population. To ensure transparency, this agreement also clearly stipulates the intended use of the data, as well as the institution’s involvement to ensure full consent and due diligence.

This section provides an overview of the responsibilities of the different parties involved in the survey.

CBIE Responsibilities

CBIE is managing the survey and is responsible for designing the methodology and questionnaire with additional input from member institutions. CBIE is committed to the following:

  • Provide the International Student Survey Guide to participating institutions. This guide includes the invitation and reminder email templates that can be used by institutional representatives to invite international students to complete the survey.
  • Provide a social media toolkit to participating institutions, which will assist in delivering a targeted communications strategy to encourage international students to take part in the survey.
  • Provide assistance to institutions that require additional support to complete the internal review of the survey (through an ethics review process or other relevant internal due diligence process).
  • Responding to student queries about the survey.
  • Collect the data from participating institutions’ international student populations, who chose to participate in the survey.
  • Clean the data and circulate the anonymized institution-specific data as well as the anonymized national dataset, in an aggregated format, to all participating institutions.
  • Analyze the data and publish a National Survey Report presenting national data from the 2021 survey for the benefit and insight of the Canadian international education sector.
  • There shall be no institution-specific data/institutional identifiable data presented in the National Survey Report. Data shall solely be reported in anonymized/aggregate form.
  • Recognize participating institutions as contributors to the national survey and the National Survey Report.
  • Retain the anonymized national dataset, in an aggregated format for subsequent longitudinal research purposes.
  • Ask permission from students to participate in future research projects.
  • Communicate with students who have been randomly selected in the draw. To be entered into the draw, students will have completed the survey and chosen to provide their name and email to CBIE to be contacted in the event that they are randomly chosen to win one of the prizes.

Institutional Responsibilities

This research would not be possible without the cooperation and assistance of the institutions that are participating in the survey. By taking part in the International Student Survey, participating institutions must agree to complete the following:

  • Read the International Student Survey Guide.
  • Complete and submit the ISS Participation Agreement.
  • Conduct an internal review of the survey (through an ethics review process or other relevant internal due diligence process, as required by my institution) ensuring the institution’s consent in the participation in the national survey. CBIE can provide additional support if required.
  • Launch the online survey with the custom link provided by CBIE.
  • Send promotions and reminders via emails and social media to the international student population encouraging them to participate in the survey.
  • Provide CBIE with the following information so the institution can be coded in the survey tool (this will uphold the confidentiality of the institution):
    • Names of all institutions and campuses that will be included in the survey
    • Institution Status (public/private)
    • Institution Type (University/College/Cégep/Language School).
  • Provide CBIE with approximate information on student numbers for fall semester, which will be confirmed in January to provide an accurate response rate. This includes:
    • Total number of students (all levels) enrolled in your institution
    • Total number of international students (all levels) enrolled in your institution
    • Total number of international students who are studying English as a Second Language (ESL) and/or French as a Second Language (FSL) at your institution with the intent of obtaining a degree or diploma or certificate.