Institutions ready to participate in the survey must submit the participation agreement, which stipulates the expectations, deliverables, and conditions of participating in the survey.

CBIE will request the contact details of the main collaborator at your institution, who will be responsible for communicating with CBIE. This person will ensure that the appropriate internal review process is followed at their institution, ensuring that the survey can be delivered to their respective student population. To ensure transparency, this agreement also clearly stipulates the intended use of the data, as well as the institution’s involvement, to ensure full consent and due diligence.

CBIE Responsibilities

  • Provides the survey guide for participating institutions that includes detailed information about the survey methodology and delivery.  
  •  Manages the survey and designs the questionnaire with additional input from member institutions.  
  •  Provides a toolkit to participating institutions, which includes targeted communications to encourage students to take part in the survey. 
  •  Assists institutions with their internal review processes, which may include an ethics review or other relevant internal due diligence. 
  •  Responds to student queries about the survey. 
  •  Collect, clean and analyze the survey responses.  
  •  Circulate the anonymized institution-specific and national datasets and reports to all participating institutions.  
  •  Publish a National Survey Report recognizing participating institutions as contributors to benefit the Canadian international education sector. 

Institutional Responsibilities

  • Complete and submit the survey participation agreement. 
  • Reads through the guide sent to institutions once the participation agreement has been submitted. 
  • Conduct an internal survey review through an ethics review or other relevant internal due diligence, as required by the institution. 
  • Launch the online survey with the custom link provided by CBIE. 
  • Promotes the survey via emails and social media, encouraging student participation.