International Network of Tomorrow’s Leaders

The mission of INTL is to provide an environment for new professionals and emerging leaders to cultivate professional networks and engage themselves in the community of Canadian international education.


INTL sends regular updates through e-blasts and manages social media accounts to connect new professionals in the field of International Education across Canada.

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The CBIE INTL Mentorship Program 4.0 is is a valuable professional development opportunity for newcomers to the field as well as experienced leaders. We would like to thank all who came forward to mentor this year, and especially welcome those individuals from the k-12 sector who are involved!

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INTL Recruitment

Take initiative by joining a group of like-minded new professionals. This position will introduce you to leadership in international education and enable you to network with colleagues.

Solidify your support network by leading a group of incredible peers. INTL provides an environment to cultivate professional networks and engage in the community of Canadian international education.

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In the last three years, INTL has been very pleased to award bursaries for new professionals to attend their first CBIE conference. INTL awarded 5 bursaries in 2013, 10 bursaries in 2014 and 2015, and 14 bursaries in 2016 thanks to the sponsorship of Guardme Insurance and World Education Services.


Annual Conference Activities

Speed networking in action. Great speed mentorship event at CBIE’s 2016 Conference. There was excitement in the air as many young IE professionals gathered to learn about, share reactions on, and plan possible career opportunities.

2016 INTL Chair, Teeba Alsafar speaks at the INTL PLC meeting.

Championing for New Professionals in International Education

Building upon our previous work, in 2015 INTL worked to prompt and increase the awareness of leading ideas and concerns of new professionals amongst the wider international education community.  Facilitating dialogue between emerging and senior leaders in the field, and between colleagues across the country, INTL fosters the building of relationships across the sector to build an even strong professional learning community.  Check out INTL’s International Education Leadership of Tomorrow:  Where are We and Where Do We Need To Go report released as part of the CBIE Research in Brief Series.