Interrupting Racism: How to Help Transform
our Institutions into Truly Inclusive Communities
Workshop Facilitators

Chistina Lord
Christina Lord, International Program Coordinator, Brescia University College

Christina has over 35 years of experience as a regional, national and international educator and trainer in the social services, volunteer, profit and non-profit sectors including multicultural and First Nations’ organizations. Christina has been employed at Brescia University College for over 10 years as their International Program Coordinator. She also provides Intercultural Communication/Diversity training for staff, faculty and students. She is a member of their Equity Committee and is on the Executive of the Brescia Council.

Christina continues to be involved in the London community and currently serves on the London Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership (Inclusion & Civic Engagement sub-committee) and is a member of the Congress of Black Women, London Chapter. She recently completed 15 years of service on the London Black History Coordinating Committee and was a Champion for the City of London’s Community Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. Christina also volunteers at and attends forums/seminars that address and support a more diverse and inclusive community. Christina holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Lambton College, a BA from the University of Windsor and a Master’s Degree in Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University.

Rose Aquino
Rose Aquino, Director, International and Exchange Student Centre, Western University

Rose has worked in international education for over 30 years. She is currently the Director of the International and Exchange Student Centre at Western University.  In addition to programming, training, and international student advising, Rose has 20 years of experience providing personal counselling services to international students, has collaborated on the development of a mental health website specifically for international students, and is involved in providing diversity skills enhancement opportunities for counselling interns, psychology residents and student leaders.

Her community collaboration experience includes being the current Chair of the Inclusion and Civic Engagement Sub-Council of the LMLIP (London and Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership), member of the LMLIP Welcoming Communities Committee, past champion for the City of London’s Community Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, and diversity champion as a past board member of Pillar Non-Profit Network. Rose has been involved in the planning and implementation of the “I Am London” campaign celebrating immigrants in the community (now in its 6th year), the recently launched “1000 Acts of Welcome” campaign and “Day of Learning: Building a Welcoming Community for Immigrants to London & Middlesex (2017)”.

Rose received her undergraduate degree from Western University and her Master of Education (Counselling Psychology) from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto.