How Alumni Engagement can Enhance your Brand
Workshop Facilitators

Robin Garcha
Robin Garcha, Business Development Manager for Canada, ICEF

Robin Garcha is the Business Development Manager overseeing Eastern Canada at ICEF. Robin has 8+ years working in various roles in both the public and private sector within the international education industry. She played an integral part in launching with the BC Council for International Education. A marketer by heart, Robin has a passion for marketing and branding as well as recruitment and strategy development. Robin holds a MBA from the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University.

Christie Johnson
Christie Johnson, Manager, International Recruitment, Partnerships & Admissions, Wilfrid Laurier University

Christie Johnson is the Manager of International Recruitment, Partnerships & Admissions at Wilfrid Laurier University in South Western Ontario in Canada. Throughout her 20+ years of her career, she has worked in the private sector, social profit sector and higher education at three different institutions.  She has learned the value of relationships through her professional, volunteer and community life.