CBIE Board of Directors – Nominations 2021

The nomination process for the CBIE Board of Directors is now open. Those successful in this year’s nomination and election process will commence their terms on January 1, 2022.

2021 Nomination Process

Nominations will be accepted until Friday October 15, 2021 @ 23:00 Eastern Time.

Nominations for the CBIE Board of Directors will be accepted until Friday October 15, 2021. Following this, the Nomination Committee1 will review all nominations and propose a slate of 12 candidates for approval at the CBIE AGM. Candidates will be informed of the slate at the end of October, and the slate of candidates will be announced to the membership in early November. See the section below for further details on the elections process.

1 The Nomination Committee consists of the Board of Director’s Governance Committee, and at least two representatives of CBIE member institutions who are not currently serving on the Board.

Nomination Application

Nomination Requirements

  • A CBIE member representative self-nominates for the CBIE Board of Directors.
  • As part of the nomination a candidate must:
    • complete standard questions related to their professional background (name, title, languages etc.);
    • attach a CV;
    • attach a personal statement (500 words max); and
    • provide one letter of support.
  • Note that one candidate per CBIE member may be nominated. To this end, candidates will be asked to confirm that both the President/Executive Head and the CBIE Lead Contact at their institution / board / school approves them as the nominee from the respective institution / board / school.
  • As CBIE is a national, bilingual organization, candidates are welcome to use the language of choice, and are encouraged to use both English and French in their responses.
  • In general terms, the Nominating Committee will be assessing candidates based on their knowledge of, and experience in, the international education sector, as well as their demonstrated leadership skills, for example their prior experience serving on boards. Further note that candidates will be reviewed according to a checklist of desired attributes and skills, which CBIE’s Governance Committee has developed in order to ensure that, collectively, the CBIE Board has strong governance capacity. It is therefore important that a candidate’s personal statement clearly highlights particular areas where they can make a contribution in this regard. These attributes, core skills and strategic skills will be considered in combination with the candidate’s statement on equity, diversity and inclusion. Please click here for additional information.

CBIE Elections 2021

  • Once the nominations period has closed, the Nomination Committee will review all candidates and create a proposed slate of candidates.
  • As per CBIE’s by-law, at least one representative shall be from the K-12 sector, two representatives from the college sector and two representatives from the university sector. The other seven directors are at-large representatives.
  • Further to the stipulations in CBIE’s by-law, CBIE is committed to ensure that the Board has an equitable, balanced and functional representation that reflects the national character, composition, mission and activities of CBIE, and is in keeping with its goal of promoting equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). CBIE strives for an overall composition of the Board that includes consideration of (listed in alphabetical order):
    • Continuity, for members who express a willingness to serve multiple terms;
    • Disability;
    • Gender;
    • Indigeneity;
    • Official Languages;
    • Racial diversity;
    • Regional balance;
    • Representation from the membership categories (in addition to the 5 positions required by the CBIE by-law); and
    • Skills and experience for effective board governance.
  • The proposed slate of candidates will be voted on at CBIE’s AGM, which will be held during CBIE’s Annual Conference.
  • Candidates elected at the AGM will serve as directors of the Board and commence their term on January 1, 2022.

Term of Office

Each Board member’s term is one year in length, and Board members can serve for a maximum of five consecutive years. In exceptional circumstances, as determined by the Nominating Committee and approved by the membership, Board members may continue for additional terms.

To facilitate Board continuity, once a Board member is elected, they will be put on the slate of candidates for an additional two consecutive years, as long as they are still eligible and in agreement. A Board member can be placed on the slate for an additional two years, but this does not occur automatically. The said Board member will be asked to apply formally through the nomination process.


CBIE’s Board of Directors traditionally holds three meetings per year. The first meeting is held in February, the second meeting is held in June and the last meeting takes place in conjunction with the CBIE Annual Conference. The expectation is that Board members will attend all meetings and every effort will be made to ensure that meetings are scheduled at convenient times and with sufficient notice.

Should you have any questions related to the Board nomination process, we invite you to please be in contact with Angélique Labine-Fortin, by phone at (613) 237-4820, ext. 222 or by e-mail at alabine-fortin@cbie.ca.

We thank you for your consideration of this opportunity to serve in an exciting leadership capacity within the international education sector in Canada!