Ontario Regional Meeting

Toronto, Ontario

June 6 to 7, 2023


Thank you to our colleagues at this year’s host institution, Humber College, for their leadership and contribution to advancing international education in the province. 

About This Event

In June, Humber College will host the 2023 CBIE Ontario Regional Meeting. This event will focus on the future of international education through a series of breakout sessions, roundtables and networking activities.

The CBIE Ontario Regional Meeting is an annual meeting of international education practitioners and is an opportunity to share knowledge, share resources and keep abreast of immigration and other changes in the sector. This event also serves as an annual networking event for those involved in international education in Ontario and is a precursor to the national conference each November.

Why Attend This Event?

  • Network with international education professionals.
  • Hear from thought-leaders on important IE topics. 
  • Participate in Q&A with sector stakeholders from Canada and the world. 

Who Will Be There?

  • International education practitioners and leaders from K-12 schools, colleges, institutes and universities.
  • Corporate partners and association colleagues.
  • Federal and provincial government officials.

Call for Proposals

We invite you to be part of the 2023 Ontario Regional Meeting Program!

This year’s Ontario Regional Meeting theme is Embracing the Changing Landscape of International Education.

A widening gap between the skills needed in the labour market and those offered by the workforce due to the pandemic and automation, a changing student demographic, breakthrough technologies, and shifting socioeconomic forces are reshaping the landscape of international education.

As we explore the shifts and changes in international education, we are eager to delve into a range of thought-provoking questions and hear your insights and perspectives on topics such as student advising, global engagement, international partnerships, equity, diversity, and inclusion, and innovative teaching and learning. 

Together we seek to answer some critical questions within the IE sector.

  • How can student advising be adapted to meet today’s students’ changing needs and expectations?
  • What are the next waves of international student recruitment in the 2020s?
  • How can students be supported as they experience deepening mental health issues exacerbated by international events, such as war and natural disasters in their home countries?
  • How do we foster engagement and help students build community before their arrival?
  • How can technology facilitate global engagement and cross-cultural communication among students and educators?
  • How can global engagement programs be designed to ensure equitable and inclusive participation for students from diverse backgrounds?
  • Who is Gen Alpha, and what will their demands of international education be?
  • How can global engagement programming align with sustainability and environmental stewardship?
  • What are the opportunities and barriers to global pathways in the next decade?
  • How do we leverage collaboration with community organizations and businesses to close the gap between education and industry?
  • How can international education break barriers and empower people of all backgrounds to achieve their potential?
  • How could Gen Z get inspired to be the new generation of social justice warriors?
  • How can we enhance personalized learning for students with diverse learning needs and styles?
  • How is Universal Design for Learning being leveraged to support international learners and learners from diverse communities?
The deadline to submit your proposal is April 17, 2023.

Thank You to Our Organizing Committee

Andrew Ness, Humber College
Betty Liu, Humber College
Cristina Perez, Humber College
Hans Badillo Tellez, Humber College
Ivena Lionda, Humber College
Jessica Ing, Humber College
John Santos, Humber College

Kimmy Do, Humber College
Kim-Sa T. Ngo, Humber College
Kritika Dhingra, Humber College
Lindsay Tait, Humber College
Luisa Macchia, Humber College
Manisha Maharajh, Humber College
Melinda Meng, Humber College

Meredith Heinrich, Humber College
Natália Bom Pessoni, Humber College
Samira Sinclair, Humber College
Shi Yue Zhang, Humber College
Sophia Gakhar, Humber College
Sophie Jodouin, Canadian Bureau for International Education
Yuchun Deng, Humber College