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What We Do

CBIE is a well-regarded service provider for students globally and institutions in Canada and abroad with an extensive network of education stakeholders. CBIE’s success is based on our unique knowledge of academic programs cultivated over 50 years working alongside officials in member universities and colleges in Canada and with partner institutions abroad.

Transform into a World Class Institution

Introduce & Sustain System Change

Open the Door to Education Abroad

Get Insight Into Canada’s International Education Sector

Current Programs

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Upgrade Your Skills

Available online, onsite or in Canada, CBIE’s professional development programs provide new ideas and research-based instructional strategies to create high-quality learning environments and deliver real results.

Professional Development Services

The Learning Centre ( TLC )
  • CBIE’s Learning Centre will offer an annual catalogue of international education professional development training courses open to both Canadian and international professionals.
Customized training courses
  • Professionals from academia, the private sector, international or Canadian governments or the non-profit sector can engage CBIE to custom build a training course leveraging Canadian best practices to best suit your needs.
Professional Learning Communities
Collaboration missions

Transform into a World-Class Institution

Whether you need an English language-training program to prepare for opportunities worldwide—or you are establishing something new— CBIE will provide step-by-step support to meet your specific needs and transform your institution into a world-class learning facility. 

Institutional Development

  • CBIE’s Institutional Development services include design (Feasibility s tudies and needs assessments, Concept and implementation planning), development (Curriculum enrichment, Quality assurance mechanisms, Specialty programming such as multi-lingual, ICT, special education) as well as management of institutions.
  • Certified staff recruitment

Introduce and Sustain System Change

CBIE’s experience in systemic, long term support for international governments’ modernization or reform agenda is rich and diverse as CBIE has successfully designed, implemented and managed internationally-funded projects of considerable size and complexity.

International Development

  • Project design and implementation for a variety of sectors including public policy reform, civil society development, human research management, governance and rule of law.

Open the Door to Education Abroad

CBIE is committed to advancing international mobility opportunities for students, trainees, faculty, civil society leaders and government officials. We work collaboratively to support international experiences within Canada and around the world. CBIE offers the following services “off the shelf” or customized to your needs:

Scholarship Management and Student Services

  • International Scholarship Management Services CBIE provides customized management of scholarship programs to help develop global citizens.
  • Canadian Experience Programs Services.
  • Familiarization (FAM) Tour Services

Get insight into Canada’s International Education Sector

For over 25 years, CBIE has conducted research on international education in Canada and from a Canadian perspective to meet the needs of its members, as well as public and private sector partners. Gathering data and providing insight into Canada’s international education sector is one of CBIE’s core activities.

Scholarship Management and Student Services

World of Learning

Canada’s Performance and Potential in International Education 2015 CBIE’s 2015 global report on international education in Canada.

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World of Learning

Canada’s Performance and Potential in International Education 2015

Our track record is second-to-none

Over the last 50 years, CBIE has managed 100+ global projects worth over $2.5 billion – in over 60 countries and 17 languages



Our pan-Canadian membership comprises more than 150 universities, colleges, institutes, school boards and language schools.



In the past 30 years, CBIE has managed over 100 programs valued at over $2 billions.



Since 1996, CBIE has a deep knowledge of academic programs by working alongside partners in Canada and abroad.



CBIE has been responsible for mobilizing more than 35, 000 trainers and students.