2022 Annual Report

Student Advising – Conseil aux étudiants Professional Learning Community (SACE-PLC) October 2022

Message from the Co-Chairs

This past year the SACE-PLC Steering Committee focused on the planning and delivery of key themes that arose out of consultation with the community. It comes as no surprise that immigration-related topics were top of mind for many of you. However, other topics such as mental health support, pre-arrival preparation, orientation, student engagement and cultural transition were also very important. These define our key areas of focus when it comes to planning events for our membership. We created two unique banner events: SACE Connect to host by-monthly immigration-related discussions, and SACE Presents to host presentations on any of the topics currently identified by the SACE Steering Committee as an area of focus.

Equipped with your contributions, the steering committee created events which covered all the key topics over the year. We looked within the community to find the expertise of our colleagues to deliver sessions. Involving our members in discussions and presentations contributes to the objectives of the PLC. We have to say, it was an amazing year that saw the delivery of eleven sessions. And we are preparing to meet many of you at the SACE PLC breakfast we will host at the CBIE 2022 Conference.

For 2023, we will continue to work on offering more events which give our members the opportunity to build capacity through knowledge-sharing. We will continue to look to the PLC community to be SACE Presents guest speakers and for direction on topics you want to learn about. If you worked on a project or initiative that you are passionate about or have experience with a specific topic of interest for our members, please reach out to us. We would love to have you as a guest in one of our upcoming events.

It has been an honour for the steering committee to serve our community.

With deepest gratitude,
Ima and Shanda


  • Facilitate the role of student advising professionals at educational institutions across Canada.
  • Promote an effective support network and forum of discussion amongst student advising professionals.
  • Speak on behalf of the international student support professionals and their institutions for the purpose of providing information to CBIE that supports its advocacy efforts.


The mission of the PLC is to share knowledge, organize projects and activities, and enhance the competencies of student advising professionals at educational institutions across Canada, while supporting CBIE’s mission.


  • Establishing tools and resources that encourage the free exchange of ideas and information between professionals involved with international student support at different institutions.
  • Encouraging the sharing of resources and best practices within the PLC community.
  • Developing and promoting education and training for student advising professionals.
  • Supporting research activities in the field of international student support and advising.
  • Identifying and working to address the needs of those providing international student advising and support at our respective institutions.

Steering Committee

Imarú BaqueroImarú Baquero

Imarú Baquero
International Student Services
University of Lethbridge

Ravneet PanechRavneet Panech

Ravneet Panech
International Student Specialist,
University of Alberta

Danai BélangerDanai Bélanger

Danai Bélanger
International Student Advisor,
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Shanda WilliamsShanda Williams

Shanda Williams
International Transitions Advisor,
University of British Columbia

Scott BazanScott Bazan

Scott Bazan
Student Success Manager,
University of Manitoba

Carla LawsonCarla Lawson

Carla Lawson
International Academic Advising,
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Overview of Membership



Institution Type
Polytechnics & Institutes: 11.4%, Language Schools: 0.2%, Colleges: 29.0%, School Boards: 0.2%, Universities: 59.0%, Private Institutions: 0.2%
Role Type
Advisors/Officers/Coordinators: 407, Directors: 48, Faculty: 4, Managers: 67, Other (Assistants, Fellows, Secretaries, etc): 1
Members by Province/Territory
Alberta: 61, British Columbia: 131, Manitoba: 20, New Brunswick: 8, Newfoundland & Labrador: 10, Nova Scotia: 22, Ontario: 230, Prince Edward Island: 2, Quebec: 26, Saskatchewan: 15, Yukon: 2

Events & Initiatives

hosted webinarshosted webinars

hosted webinars

welcomed guest speakerswelcomed guest speakers

welcomed guest speakers
from senior leadership positions, industry and academia.

presented at CBIE2021presented at CBIE2021

presented at CBIE2021
on the topic of “Navigating the Impacts of COVID-19 Temporary Policy Changes on PGWP”

Special Thanks

The SACE Steering Committee thanks all our guest speakers, who made most of our events possible this year. Thank you to our members for your contributions and participation.

Thank you to the amazing CBIE staff, especially Sophie Jodouin and Melissa Payne, for their continuous assistance and encouragement. Special thanks to Larissa Bezo for your support.

We express our gratitude to Enrique Chacon, who was chair of the PLC for years and developed the foundation of SACE on which we built what we have today.

Without all of you, the SACE PLC would not have moved forward in the way that it has.