Professional Learning Communities

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) comprise individuals with similar interests in international education who meet and communicate to enrich their knowledge of the sector by sharing insights, discussing issues, and informing CBIE’s policies and procedures.

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SACE (Student Advising/Conseiller aux étudiants)

This group is specific to international student advisors and others who work directly with students on campus to offer a wide array of services including pre-arrival and accommodation support; orientation; academics, career planning and immigration advising; and the coordination of social and cultural activities.

MOBILE (Education Abroad)

Education abroad is offered in a number of different shapes and sizes. This group focuses on individuals who work in outbound mobility.

IR (International Relations)

This PLC creates a space for International Relations Officers and others whose work focuses on supporting and promoting international collaborations. The primary focus of this group is international research collaboration but there is also a broader mandate to support strategic international engagement across other areas of partnerships including visits, Presidential missions, and agreements.

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