Connecting your Classroom to the World through E-volunteering

Want to provide your faculty and students with an international experience without leaving the classroom?

CBIE in partnership with Cuso International will host a webinar to explore ways in which your institution can participate in CUSO’s classroom e-volunteering program.  This program connects a classroom at the post-secondary level with a regional partner in one of the 22 countries in which Cuso works. Through online collaboration, students can provide research and other support to local partners, furthering their own experiential education and helping local organizations achieve their goals.

We will discuss on the webinar:

  • What is e-volunteering
  • How it works with students
  • End result
  • Professor requirements
  • University requirements
  • Case study
Faculties of Interest: 

  • International development
  • Business Administration
  • Agriculture
  • Gender Studies
  • Marketing/communications
  • Natural resource management
  • Many more
Hear from CUSO International and North Island College

During the webinar you’ll hear from Trevor Eggleton, Manger, Outreach and Partnerships from CUSO International. Trevor will describe the program and  requirements. You’ll also hear from Nick Robinson, a professor in North Island College’s business program who used e-volunteering in his classroom. Through this program Nick connected his business 380 class with an organization supporting rice farmers in Laos growing a type of sticky rice with niche market potential.  With the support of Nick and Cuso International’s Laos office, the students provided research that was essential for the growers in expanding into new markets.

Nick will be able to discuss how he developed his curriculum to incorporate the e-volunteering, working with the regional partners, how the students engaged them, the benefit of the partnership and more.


Nick Robinson
Former Professor of Business Administration
North Island College


Trevor Eggleton
Manager, Outreach and Partnerships
CUSO International