Institutional Survey

Thank you for participating in the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) 2023 Learning Abroad Survey. This research is made possible through the collaboration and assistance of participating institutions.  By completing this questionnaire, you will help us address critical knowledge gaps in Canada’s dataset about learning abroad and will be supporting the development of a framework for nationally comparable learning abroad statistics.

Instructions – Institutional Survey Data Collection

The 2023 Learning Abroad Institutional Survey is designed to collect statistics related to distinct categories of learning abroad activities including exchange programs; work-integrated learning; faculty-led program; research and other. Please review the extended definition of each category before commencing the survey. The survey will request figures on physical mobility, followed by virtual activities, in a systematic fashion for each category.

Providing this data may require outreach to the following areas within your institution: Co-op/WIL Department, Institutional Research Department, Alumni Relations, the Registrar’s Office, academic/instructional units such as Faculties and Departments, and the Office of the President. A downloadable worksheet is available to facilitate this cross-departmental data-gathering initiative. We are kindly asking that one main institutional contact/lead gathers this data and submits the completed survey by March 31, 2023.

Please note the “save and continue later” function, located at the top-right-hand corner of the form.

The accuracy of the data provided in this survey will inform national statistics relevant to learning abroad activities. We thank you for your outreach and data collection to complete this survey. Your institutional data will remain confidential and only be presented in aggregate form. We appreciate your time and valuable support in this national research endeavour. If you have any questions regarding the survey, please contact

Complete the 2023 Learning Abroad Institutional Survey

Learning Abroad Definition 

For the purpose of this survey, learning abroad is defined as an institution-sanctioned learning experience that occurs outside of the participant’s Canadian institution, either physically or virtually, during their studies. Examples include but are not limited to for-credit and not-for-credit exchange programs, work abroad, volunteering, or international research driven by learning outcomes and officially recognized by the participant’s Canadian academic institution.

Categories of Learning Abroad Activities 

Student Exchange Programs: A program of study whereby partner institutions establish a reciprocal agreement that enables students to pay tuition at their home institution and to register and study (physically or virtually) at the host/partner institution outside Canada, with credit transferred back to the home institution in Canada.  

Work-integrated Learning: A form of curricular experiential education that formally integrates a student’s academic studies with quality experiences within a workplace or practice setting. Such experiences (physical or virtual) can include and are not limited to activities abroad such as co-ops, internships, practicums, clinical placements, service learning, or field placements.    

Faculty-led Programs: Learning abroad activities involving groups of students under the supervision of a home-institution faculty member. Such experiences (physical or virtual) can include but are not limited to international field school, study trips or collaborative online international learning (COIL).   

Research Abroad: Research abroad experiences (physical or virtual) include various types of research projects carried out by students, usually at the graduate level. Such research results in the writing of an academic paper or article to fulfill requirements for academic credit or other degree requirements. The research may be undertaken as part of a research-based course or independent project or in a completely independent manner outside the structure of a program.  

Other: Any learning abroad activity (physical or virtual) that your institution tracks but do not fit in the categories listed above. Activities could include non-credit granting programs, independent study abroad, volunteer or service learning, learning abroad through a third-party, student case competitions, conference participation or study tours.