Regional Meetings

CBIE focuses its services on helping members achieve common international education objectives, shared across the spectrum of education, from school boards to universities. In order to reach out to all the member institutions, which are located in every province in Canada, CBIE facilitates the organization of regional meetings, customizing the agenda to regional needs and requirements.

Along with receiving CBIE’s updates on national activities and initiatives, members take the opportunity to focus on particular matters of importance to them. They come together to share benchmarks, institutional expectations, emerging trends and realities, and other information of mutual benefit. Coordinated by a committee of member representatives with input from CBIE, regional meetings offer a team-building and effective networking opportunity for member institutions.


2016 Regional Meetings in a Glance

Quebec Regional Meeting

For the first time this year, the Quebec Regional Meeting was held in a CEGEP. On May 2nd and 3rd, over 100 international educators attended the Meeting at College Montmorency in Laval to discuss the theme of local collaboration, global action.

Ontario Regional Meeting

Thank you to those of you who participated in the OAIE/Ontario Regional Meeting at Durham College and UOIT, Shared Campus in Oshawa, Ontario on May 16-17. To celebrate the institutions sharing a campus, this year’s OAIE theme was “Intersections” and focused on how colleges and universities intersect in international education.

Atlantic Regional Meeting

The Atlantic Regional Meeting took place on May 25 at The University of New Brunswick and St. Thomas University  in Fredericton, New Brunswick, in conjunction with IETP’s “Building Intercultural Skills and Approaches for International Education Training Program”. The meeting examined the benefits and limitations to current internationalization models. With over 50 participants from all over Atlantic Canada, the regional meeting provided a meeting place for an exchange of ideas on campus internationalization.

Western Regional Meeting

CBIE was delighted to hold a Regional Meeting in Western Canada this year! The event took place at University of Regina on June 24 and focused on strategies for international student recruitment for smaller and mid-sized universities and colleges and international student retention and services.

A big thank you to the Regional Meeting organizers!

CBIE would like to thank all Regional Meeting organizers for their dedication and hard work! The regional meetings were informative, engaging and provided excellent networking opportunities for like-minded professionals.

International Educators Training Program (IETP)

CBIE is pleased to announce that, as signaled in the agreement signed at our 2015 conference,  our 2016 regional meetings in Ontario and Atlantic Canada included training courses from Queen’s International Educators Training Program (IETP).

The IETP has developed a set of core courses and workshops that are built upon a foundation of skills and knowledge that are necessary for individuals to perform competently as international educators. The IETP courses were offered in conjunction to our regional meetings when minimum attendance was presented.

IETP I: Advising and Programming for New Professionals in the Field of International Education- Working with Incoming International Students

May 13-15, Durham College, in conjunction with the OAIE/Ontario Regional Meeting

IETP I: Building Intercultural Skills and Approaches for International Education

May 22-24, University of New Brunswick, in conjunction with the Atlantic Regional Meeting