From face-to-face meetings to webinar series and online workshops, we provide practical tools and resources accessible to all audiences, budgets and schedules, allowing participants to stay in the forefront of topics related to international education

Upcoming Events

We offer our network a wide range of opportunities to come together, either virtually or face-to-face, to learn about the latest trends and research, exchange knowledge and best practices, and strengthen national and international partnerships.


The Learning Centre Webinar

International Students and Their Families: Supporting Spouses and Common-Law Partners

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The Learning Centre Webinar

Fostering International Partnerships: How CBIE’s International Collaboration Missions Get Results!

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Collaboration Mission

¡Vamos a Guadalajara y Puebla! CBIE’s collaboration mission to Guadalajara and Puebla, Mexico.

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Watch our 50th Annual Conference in review


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