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An association of educational institutions who are engaged in internationalizing education programs, student services, campuses and communities and who are seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in cross-cultural communications, managing services for inbound and outbound students, and developing capacity-building projects abroad.

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Learning Beyond Borders: A National Conversation on Learning Abroad

‘Canada is faced with the challenge of getting more of our students to take advantage of learning experiences in other countries. It is time to leverage the leadership role of education institutions in a concerted and coordinated effort to give our next generation of leaders the knowledge, skills and global outlook they will need to thrive in our interconnected world.’

CBIE is inviting institutions representing all levels of education, including universities, colleges, polytechnics, cégeps and K-12 school boards, to get involved in the national conversation on learning abroad and become champions for change.

Institutions that are committed to helping address Canada’s global engagement challenge are asked to sign on with CBIE by end of January, 2017.

Become a Member

The Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) is first and foremost a membership organization.

CBIE is dedicated to helping members gain the skills, knowledge, resources and profile needed to achieve excellence in the delivery of international education at home and abroad, and to expand and deepen their educational partnerships across borders. We connect diverse institutions with common interests, partners in government, the private sector and a range of other stakeholders in the field of international education through our annual conference, PLCs, collaboration missions and international education projects. Our membership crosses all levels of education in Canada, including schools and school boards, colleges, cégeps, institutes, universities and language schools.

Benefits of Membership

CBIE members benefit from being part of a broad community of international education professionals across the education sector, from K-12 to postgraduate. This community in turn benefits from connecting with partners across Canada and the world, through CBIE’s continuous relationship-building activity.

Become a Partner

CBIE seeks to partner with organizations, governments and corporations that help to fulfill our mission of promoting Canadian international education on behalf of our members.

A strategic partnership with CBIE is an opportunity to be at the forefront of Canada’s international education sector. With connections to over 250 universities, colleges, governments, companies and international organizations, CBIE is ideally positioned to be the connection for all institutions and partners involved in international education.

Partnership with CBIE indicates a mutual undertaking to advance the field of international education in Canada. Partnership requests will be considered and assessed on an individual basis. Partnership agreements have to be approved by the President/Executive Director of partner organizations.

Professional Learning Communities

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) comprise individuals with similar interests in international education who meet and communicate to enrich their knowledge of the sector by sharing insights, discussing issues, and informing CBIE’s policies and procedures.

Current PLCs

  • International Network of Tomorrow’s Leaders (INTL)
  • Student Services
  • Education Abroad
  • Recruitment, Admissions and Marketing
  • Research and Evaluation
  • International Housing and Settlement Services
  • Canadian Internationally Minded Smaller Universities, Colleges and Institutions (CIMSUCI)
PLCs meet in person biannually, at the CBIE Annual Conference in the Fall

Members are able to join multiple PLCs and take part in discussions, share information, and help grow the profession as a community.