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Foundations of Intercultural Development – Disponible uniquement en anglais

4 octobre - 27 novembre

You are invited to participate in Foundations of Intercultural Development, an online course, which will help you gain insights into your own cultural rules, norms and biases while also weaving in elements of truth and reconciliation.

Cost: Members: $450 | Non-Members: $650

Registration Deadline: April 19, 2021

The landscape of Canadian post-secondary education has shifted dramatically in the past decade with increased internationalization efforts alongside the Calls to Action (2015) from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. As faculty and staff in the midst of this landscape it is critical that we each engage in our own intercultural development so that we might model the behaviours we wish to promote on our campuses.

The course design is visually-based and makes use of infographics and videos, replacing the need for lengthy reading required, though should you wish, the academic theories and models will be shared.  The delivery is asynchronous, so you can log in when you have the time, no matter which time-zone you are participating in.  While this course is designed as an introduction to intercultural and reconciliation issues, participating in this will not only engage you in your own development, but also connect you to a community of like-minded learners from across Canada, who may continue this work together.


  • Increase your awareness as to how your cultural influences can affect your intercultural interactions
  • Actively regulate your response or to be mindful of your communication style in the face of feeling stressed or challenged
  • Deepen your appreciation of and curiosity about cultural diversity
  • Respond to the calls for reconciliation by understanding some of the impacts of colonialism on Indigenous cultures in Canada


  • Eight-week, asynchronous, online course
  • Approximately 2 hours of work per week
  • Modules will be released on Mondays
  • Two assignments a week that are graded complete/incomplete
  • Certificate of Completion awarded

Heather Williams
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Curriculum Manager 
Simon Fraser University

Heather Williams is a third generation Settler Canadian with ancestry to England and Ireland and a mother to two beautiful sons.  In her work as the WIL Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Project Manager in Work Integrated Learning at Simon Fraser University (SFU), Heather oversees and collaborates on multiple projects designed to help make SFU and related experiential learning opportunities more inclusive to diverse students. Currently, Heather is also seconded with SFU’s Faculty of Education on an institutional curriculum development project.  Partnering and collaborating with key stakeholders, the aim of this project is to help employees of SFU learn about intergenerational effects of colonialism in Canada and how to build culturally agile relationships with Indigenous Peoples.  In 2017 Heather was the recipient of the Canadian Bureau for International Education’s Excellence Award.  Heather has her Masters in Equity Studies in Education and has earned the certificate in Intercultural Studies from University of British Columbia. In her work you will find traces of her passion for life-long learning and some sneaky undertones of non-dualistic philosophy.


Début :
4 octobre
Fin :
27 novembre
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