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Campus Aléas – Intervening appropriately with international students facing mental health challenges

28 octobre @ 1:00 - 3:00 EDT

Coût : Membres : $350 | Non-membres : $550
Registration Deadline: October 14
Awareness of mental health issues is critical for those working with international students.  Focusing our attention on mental health can prevent crises and ensure international students can fully and safely participate on campus and in the community.

Release of the pre-webinar learning module     –    October 28, 2021

Live Workshop with Aléas     –     November 4 from 1:00pm – 3:00pm (ET)


Awareness of mental health issues is becoming increasingly important for those who work with international students who are studying at our campuses and who live in our communities.  Addressing mental health is critical in avoiding crises. Knowledge of the various challenges and basic intervention methods enables organizations to identify and assist vulnerable people so they can fully and safely participate on campus and in the extended community. This training serves as an introduction to mental health challenges.  Participants will learn how to respond to international students facing difficulties and guide them towards the appropriate solutions and support.

This workshop outlines basic information and intervention strategies for anxiety disorders, depression, and thoughts of suicide, psychosis, eating disorders, and ADHD. Participants will learn techniques, tools, and skills to intervene effectively to ensure their safety.


•   Learn to recognize the main manifestations associated with mental health difficulties.
•   Acquire techniques to intervene with international students experiencing mental health-related issues.
•   Better manage mental health-related considerations regarding inbound mobility programs.

Alexandra George, CHRP

Safety Counselor and Trainer
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28 octobre
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1:00 - 3:00 EDT
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