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International Students: Spouses & Dependents: Lay of the Land and Strategizing Through Case Studies (3 CPD Hours) – Disponible uniquement en anglais

17 février 2021 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm EST

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In this two-part webinar series, Canadian Immigration and Refugee Lawyer Will Tao and Case Manager Edris Arib will discuss the challenges of accompanying (and non-accompanying) spouses and dependents of international students.

Disponible uniquement en anglais


Part I – February 17 from 1:00pm – 2:30pm (EST)

  • Applying to Canada as an Accompanying Spouse or Dependent
  • Navigating Status in Canada as an Accompanying Spouse or Dependent and the Pathway to Permanent Residency
  • Resolving Refusals/Troubleshooting – Tips to Keep the Family Reunited

Part II – March 17 from 1:00pm – 2:30pm (EST)

  • Review case studies
  • Recap – Lessons Learned and New Lessons

This CPD event has been approved by IRCC for 3 hours of CPD credits.  CPD events are valid for 90 days, upon date of delivery.  Please refer to ICCRC’s website for details.

Heron Law Offices has received approval from the Law Society of British Columbia for 3 hours of CPD credits for B.C-licensed lawyers.


Taking a comprehensive look from the point of initial application (and the decision on whether or not to apply solo or with accompany family members), the first part of the presentation will lay the land with respect to the challenges and opportunities presented when accompanying dependents and spouses. We will look at how Visa Officers and Courts are assessing these cases. We will also look at what accompanying family members face once they arrive, from access to social services to status challenges, to their role in the pathway to permanent residence. Finally, we will look at troubleshooting – how to remedy refusals, through reconsideration, new applications, and judicial reviews.

Between the first and second presentations, we will canvass attendees who will provide their questions, reasonable hypotheticals, and case study examples. Further research will also be done to tie up any missing loose ends from the first presentation.

In part two of the presentation, two case studies will be provided to participants in advance which will be worked through by participants. Lessons learned from the first presentation will be applied and further lessons learned will be brainstormed following the activity.

  • Assist international education stakeholders in understanding the challenges and opportunities facing international students seeking to immigrate accompanying spouses and dependents temporarily and permanently in today’s Canadian Immigration system.
  • Provide an overview of what the different Provincial regimes are that affect accompanying spouses and dependents of international students.
  • Provide an opportunity for stakeholders, having attended the lay of the land presentation and understood the foundational concepts, to then put forth reasonable hypotheticals and real-life case studies.
  • To provide two real-life fact patterns to practice and apply their skills on and to collectively resolve applying, and generating lessons learned.



CBIE members can enjoy the benefit of registering 2 additional institutional representatives free of charge.  Maximum of 3 stakeholders per institution. PLEASE NOTE: We only require one payment per institutional team of 3 people.  Please register for the webinar using the button/link above and close the payment page when promoted.  Should you have any questions please contact

Will Tao (he/him)
Immigration and Refugee Lawyer
Arenous Foundation and Heron Law Office

Will provides legal services in all areas of Canadian immigration and refugee law with a focus on complex applications, overcoming refusals, inadmissibility matters, appeals, and judicial reviews. Will regularly appeals before the Immigration and Refugee Board and the Federal Court of Canada. His focus is on international students, families, and temporary foreign workers.

Will also provides strategic advice and consultation to government, media, educational institutions, and businesses on immigration/refugee, decolonization, and race equity related issues. He is the founder and creator of the award-winning Vancouver Immigration Blog (, where he hopes to make immigration and refugee law more accessible to the general public. He is a second-generation Canadian, product of immigrants, and finds his personal motivation in the sacrifices of his parents and the resilience of Indigenous ancestors to this land.

Will is currently building out the non-profit organization Arenous Foundation, which was co-founded with his Heron Law colleague Edris Arib, to fill the gap of advocacy, research, and education around issues of immigration and race equity.

Edris Arib
Director of Operations/Case Manager
Arenous Foundation and Heron Law Offices

Edris Arib is a law and public policy professional with experience in international and civil society organisations. He worked as Legal Counselor for Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and International Development Law Organization (IDLO), and as Policy and Advocacy Consultant for Transparency International.

He co-founded, a non-profit organization Arenous Foundation, with his Heron Law colleague Will Tao, to fill the gap of advocacy, research, and education around issues of immigration and race equity. He looks at the broader and systemic challenges faced by international students, temporary foreign workers, and newcomers in Canada. He with the Arenous Foundation team are working to address these shortcomings by advocating, revealing issues that are hidden in plain sight and empowering their target group within British Columbia, Canada.


Date :
17 février 2021
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1:00 pm - 2:30 pm EST
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