Ontario Regional Meeting

June 10-11, 2019

University of Windsor
Windsor, Ontario

Call for Proposals Now Open

Ontario Regional Meeting (Formerly OAIE)
June 10 – 11th, 2019 Windsor, Ontario Canada
Building Bridges in Uncertain Times: the Role of International Education

We are now accepting session proposals for the CBIE Ontario Association of International Education Regional Meeting. The OAIE Regional Meeting will be held on June 10-11th in Windsor, Ontario. This event connects international educators from across Ontario. We are seeking proposals that will create a dialogue on international education under the broad theme of “Building Bridges in Uncertain Times”.

Why submit?
The OAIE Regional Meeting provides an excellent venue in which to participate in professional development and networking with fellow educators who are committed to integrating a global perspective into the mission/mandate of Ontario post-secondary institutions. Presenting helps showcase and strengthen your skills as a leader in International Education. Consider submitting a proposal to share your knowledge and expertise on a topic related to issues, opportunities, effective practice, and/or trends impacting international education in Ontario.

Submit your proposal online by April 1, 2019
Session Formats

Breakout session/ concurrent presentation (60 min.)
An oral presentation in a session shared with other presenters to illuminate different perspectives and experience on the same topic.

Panel discussion / “Hot Tops” (60 min, 4 – 5 panellists plus moderator)
A public exchange of ideas, giving experts and audience members the chance to discuss a particular topic.

Pecha Kucha (60 min.)
A presentation format where there is a show of a maximum (!) 20 images, each displayed for 20 seconds. There will be 6 presentations per session.

Poster presentation
Individuals share insights gained by presenter by reading text mixed with tables, graphs, pictures and other presentation formats and interacting with the presenter.

Roundtable (60 min.)
An extended discussion among a small cohort of colleagues, giving and receiving targeted feedback, engaging in in-depth discussions and meeting colleagues with similar interests.

Workshop (60 min.)
In groups address a specific topic or question. A workshop aims at helping participants work together toward a common goal.

Evaluation Criteria:

Presentation selection is based on the following criteria, in addition to the overall goal of offering a diverse and feasible conference program:

  • submission demonstrates an element of originality;
  • subject is timely and relevant to the conference theme;
  • submission is likely to appeal to an audience;
  • content contributes to professional practice ;
  • feasibility and diversity of presentations;
  • information and ideas are well supported by scholarship and/or evidence;
  • (for workshops) submission is likely to actively engage participants
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