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Join an association of educational institutions who are engaged in internationalizing education programs, student services, campuses and communities and who are seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in cross-cultural communications, managing services for inbound and outbound students, and developing capacity-building projects abroad.

CBIE is dedicated to helping members gain the skills, knowledge, resources and profile needed to achieve excellence in the delivery of international education at home and abroad, and to expand and deepen their educational partnerships across borders.

CBIE connects diverse institutions with common interests, partners in government, the private sector and a range of other stakeholders in the field of international education through our annual conference, collaboration missions and international education projects. Our membership crosses all levels of education in Canada, including schools and school boards, colleges, cégeps, institutes, universities and language schools.

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Benefits and Services

CBIE members benefit from being part of a broad community of international education professionals across the education sector, from K-12 to postgraduate. This community in turn benefits from connecting with partners across Canada and the world, through CBIE’s continuous relationship-building activity.

Professional Development: CBIE offers professional development seminars, webinars and resources that improve member representatives’ capacity to serve international students, deliver study abroad programs for Canadians, and develop policy and practice in international education. These services are delivered online and in person at CBIE regional meetings, the annual conference, and special events.

Community Hub: CBIE provides moderated, secure, web-based environments for peer-to-peer member networking. The Communities of interest span several themes including student services, education abroad, housing, international relations and research. For more information, please contact Kimberly Jean Pharuns.

Research: CBIE is the go-to hub of Canadian international education research and data. Members are invited to take part in CBIE’s research community as contributors to our knowledge base and as practitioners who seek the latest trends and best practices to advance the field of international education.

Promotion and Presence: CBIE promotes Canadian education worldwide through our annual conference and by participating in international conferences and education events. CBIE provides opportunities for our members to build their global presence and develop relationships with international partners through engaging in international collaboration missions and international projects.

Recognition: CBIE recognizes its members’ contributions to international education through the Excellence Awards and recognizes international students through the Elizabeth Paterson International Student of the Year Award.

Scholarship Management: CBIE manages and administers Canadian and internationally sponsored scholarships on behalf of Canadian government departments, education partners and foreign governments. CBIE specializes in placing, monitoring and advising students. It identifies new scholarship programs and places students supported by foreign government scholarship programs in our member institutions.

International Partnerships: CBIE has implemented over one hundred international education and capacity building projects in sixty countries worldwide. CBIE conducts exploratory missions to countries and/or regions of interest to develop and strengthen connections between members and targeted stakeholders CBIE also supports education and capacity building worldwide by responding to requests for technical assistance and bringing together the technical expertise of members in order to ensure the project’s success.

Membership Criteria

Member Categories



  • Canadian language schools (accredited) and private schools (offering a Canadian curriculum accredited by a province) in Canada that are Edu-Canada brand eligible.

Member category for institutions (except school boards) is based on full-time equivalent enrolment (FTEE), which is the total of full-time enrolment plus part-time prorated to full-time equivalent. There is only one category for associate members.

While members are entitled to a limited number of voting representatives, they may appoint an unlimited number of non-voting representatives.