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For over 25 years, CBIE has conducted research on international education in Canada and from a Canadian perspective to meet the needs of its members, as well as public and private sector partners. Gathering data and providing insight into Canada’s international education sector is one of CBIE’s core activities.

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CBIE is pleased to announce the launch of A World of Learning 2016! For the latest international education stats, trends, policy updates, case studies, and a special education abroad feature, download your free digital member copy today!

International Education Question of the Week:

What is the biggest challenge Canadian institutions face in tracking education abroad participation?

52 Canadian institutions took part in CBIE’s survey on tracking, measuring, and reporting outbound mobility participation. A key finding was that decentralized data collection processes at many institutions poses a significant challenge. Read the full survey results and recommendations in A World of Learning 2016. Download your free digital member copy today!

Research Reports

CBIE’s research reports are in depth documents geared towards its members, policy makers and other stakeholders. CBIE’s featured report on the state of international education in Canada is “A World of Learning: Canada’s Performance and Potential in International Education.”

Special Feature: Education Abroad

As a key input to the 2017 #LearningAbroad campaign led by CBIE, this special feature offers exclusive education abroad data analysis, findings and recommendations from two CBIE national research projects:

  1. An education abroad data collection survey to understand how individual institutions track, measure and report education abroad participation, and
  2. A large-scale survey on outbound student mobility participation, barriers and opportunities.

A World of Learning: Canada’s Performance and Potential in International Education 2016

CBIE’s global report on international education in Canada.

PhD Research Series

CBIE’s PhD Research Series aims to profile new experts in the field of International Education, inviting researchers to explore current social, cultural, management and policy-related issues in any aspect of the discipline.


– Gene Vasilopoulos

This paper argues the teaching of international students in an increasingly internationalized higher education (HEI) setting has been grossly overlooked and undertheorized. This is not to say that the field of international student experience has been ignored; in fact it is quite the opposite. The scholarship has focused on students’ experience, namely individual adjustment, such as linguistic competence, academic achievement, and social/ cultural/psychological adaptation to their new context. However, individual adjustment, including academic achievement, differs from teaching and learning and classroom processes of instruction and engagement. Few would question the role that instruction plays in learning, yet there remains a conspicuous gap in the scholarly research on the very important topic of effective teaching practices for an increasing international student population.

Research in Brief

CBIE’s Research in Brief provides regular, succinct papers on timely themes in International Education.

International students at Ontario Colleges: a profile

In recent years, Ontario colleges have welcomed an increasing number of international students. This paper offers a comparative analysis of international and domestic students in the Ontario college system, providing data insights on student socio-demographics, regional patterns, growth trends, and education pathways.

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