Institutional Design and Development

CBIE can assist you in the development and management of schools that meet Canadian and international education requirements at the primary, secondary and post-secondary levels.

Our Approach

CBIE’s approach to Institutional Design and Development is progressive and integrates education management best practices and state-of-the-art education technology into the classroom while supporting continuous professional development for instructors and school leaders.
1. School Planning Phase
  • Conduct needs assessment and market analysis and provide a set of recommendations
  • Develop business plan, start-up and operations budgets and financial projections
2. School Development Phase
  • Develop education model based on Canadian Standards
  • Develop governance and operations model
  • Facilitate curriculum accreditation process with select Canadian provincial Ministries of Education
3. School Operations Phase
  • Support operations including monitoring progress and evaluating success
  • Develop and support quality assurance mechanisms
  • Recruit staff and administrators
  • Design and deliver skills upgrading programs for teachers and administrators
  • Facilitate linkages with Canadian education institutions

Our Experience

Novopecherska School in Ukraine

CIBE created educational, governance and management models, developed quality assurance practices, and recruited senior administrators.

Canadian International School of Egypt

CBIE completed the establishment of a Canadian K-12 school in 2013, with a well-regarded, rigorous institutional accreditation and quality assurance process —a first of its kind in Egypt.

Colegio CEMEP in Dominican Republic

CBIE collaborated with CEMEP to identify facilities, program, and staffing and operations improvements – along with a corresponding action plan and strategy for internationalization and an English language program upgrade.



We now have a Ukrainian school that produces 21st century skills and global minds—with Ukrainian hearts.- Zoya Lytvyn, Project Manager, Novopecherska School, Head of the OSVITORIA Social Organization
CBIE’s constant and responsive consulting effort enriched our school with an international outlook, while respecting our cultural reality.- Carmen Marranzini, Elementary Principal CEMEP School