Professional Learning Communities

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) comprise individuals with similar interests in international education who meet and communicate to enrich their knowledge of the sector by sharing insights, discussing issues, and informing CBIE’s policies and procedures.

Current PLCs

PLCs are active online throughout the year and meet in person at CBIE Regional Meetings and the CBIE Annual Conference.

  • International Network of Tomorrow’s Leaders (INTL) provides an environment for new professionals and emerging leaders to cultivate professional networks and engage themselves in the community of Canadian international education. Connect with INTL on LinkedIn.
  • Student Services is open to CBIE members interested in the success of international students in Canada. To join, contact Alissar Hajjar.
  • Education Abroad is for CBIE members interested in the success of Canadian students abroad. To join, contact Alissar Hajjar.
  • Recruitment, Admissions and Marketing is for education professionals interested in the recruitment, enrollment and retention of international students. To join, contact Alissar Hajjar.
  • Research and Evaluation is for those who want to connect with fellow professionals and experts in international education research and evaluation to share research and collaborate on projects. To join, contact Alissar Hajjar.
  • International Housing and Settlement Services is a platform for professionals to discuss housing and settlement needs for international students assessing and transitioning to living in Canadian housing during their studies in Canada . To join, contact Alissar Hajjar.
  • Canadian Internationally Minded Smaller Universities, Colleges and Institutions (CIMSUCI) is a platform for CBIE members to bring together senior international staff from smaller universities, colleges and institutes to discuss the benefits of working together and to identify internationalization priorities and possibilities for collaboration. To join, contact Leah Nord.

Members are able to join multiple PLCs and take part in discussions, share information, and help grow the profession as a community.