INTL Mentorship Program

The INTL Mentorship Program matches emerging and experienced leaders in the Canadian international education sector.

About the Program

Mentors and mentees connect regularly over one year and receive support and guidance from the INTL Mentorship Sub-committee.

New to the current version of the program is the creation of a 2-tier system to allow the opportunity for “not so new” international educators to mentor those who are starting out in the profession while still being mentored by our seasoned professionals.

  • Mentors are experienced leaders who have been involved in International Education for more than 7 years.
  • Mentees are emerging leaders have been involved in International Education for less than 7 years.
  • Members who have been involved in International Education for 4-7 years may participate as both a mentor and a mentee.
Privacy Statement and Waiver Form

For more information contact Alix Hernandez Reyes, Lead, Mentorship 4.0.

My mentor is awesome. She truly cares for me. She takes initiative in establishing the meeting, thinks with [feet in my shoes], provides insightful suggestions, demonstrate[s] great commitment to assisting me in determining career direction, developing communication skills and finding different resources and help.

–       Mentee from pilot program

Meet the 2017 Mentorship Team!

Alix Hernandez Reyes
Senior International Recruitment & Market Development Specialist

As a newcomer to Canada, and after experiencing international education by working and studying in Colombia, the USA, Germany, Switzerland, the UK and Spain, I feel that there is so much we can do to empower students around the world to see and learn from other cultures. Canada is not only home to us, but paradise to those who live in a very different reality. It is our role to develop communities where diversity and inclusion are the common language. Through my job, I am proud to be an ambassador of our amazing institutions, and to provide top quality options to those looking at education as a mean to personal and professional growth. INTL has been pivotal in my development as a leader and I look forward to sharing my passion and experience with everyone interested in expanding their horizons and with a desire in making Canadian international education a positive example to other countries.

Tharsy Selvanantham
International Student Advisor, Ryerson University

I am passionate about acknowledging people’s self-worth so they can recognize their own worth. Which I find that it ties hand in hand in the work that I do as an International Student Advisor. I support international student’s journey so they feel empowered to reach their potential. But it’s intriguing to see that I also learn everyday from students. Another aspect of the job that I love is I am surrounded by great colleagues, where I feel connected, challenges me professionally, and encourages personal development every day in the job. As a new professional, INTL has provided me a platform for me to broaden my professional networks, and at the same time support the International Education community.

CBIE Mentorship Program 3.0

The CBIE Mentorship Program 3.0 has successfully come to an end, with a total of 16 paired mentor/mentee matches across Canada.
We would like to thank all who came forward to mentor this year!
  • Alain Boutet, Dalhousie University
  • Andrew Ness, Humber College
  • Arif Abu, Ryerson University
  • Ashley Pinsent-Tobin, Nova Scotia Community College
  • David McGuire, University of the Fraser Valley
  • Donna McGrath, University of British Columbia
  • Imaru Baquero, University of Lethbridge
  • Laura Marchese-Smith, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • Lian Dumouchel, Thompson Rivers University
  • Line Dube, Polytechnique Montreal
  • Matt Knox, University of Calgary
  • Salisha Randel, Ryerson University
  • Solange Belluz, York University, Glendon Campus
  • Sultan Almajil, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • Teeba Alsafar, Laurier University
  • Terri Flanagan, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

We would also like to acknowledge the commitment of the Mentorship Committee composed by Laura Marchese-Smith (NAIT), Alix Hernandez Reyes (York University), and Tharsy Selvanantham (Ryerson University) for working so diligently to make great matches and establish a very impressive program.